This page lists various pomes and odes written by our members for special occasions

Ode to Geoff at Dress Rehearsal

Sung by Angela Danks, Michelle Mirams and David Eyes
To the tune of Teddy Bears' Picnic

Written by Faith Wilson for the after show party for Mother Goose
December 2006
Venue: Eydon Village Hall

If you go down to the hall today you’re sure of a big surprise
If you go down to the hall today you’ll never believe your eyes
For Geoff is there with Colin and Todd
(And Jonathon too the poor little…boy)
Today’s the day the stage manager has his nit-pick

If you can’t remember where you come on, or if you should stand like this
Then this rehearsal is the one that you really don’t want to miss
And God forbid you mess up your cue
Or forget your coat when you go to the loo
Today’s the day the stage manager has his nit-pick

We all file in, in our dribs and drabs and chatter along the way
Whilst Geoff is looking as cross as crabs and muttering about the play
We settle down and get on our clothes
Geoff is keeping us all on our toes
Today’s the day the stage manager has his nit-pick

He’s got the props and he’s got his script, he’s pencilled in every move
You never can say that Geoff is wrong, 'cos it’s ever so hard to prove
He tells you off if you’re not ticked in
To come in late is always a sin
Today’s the day the stage manager has his nit-pick

This MUST be here and you MUST be there, it’s got to be right TODAY
You can’t come in through the door like that it has to be done this way
And Geoff is right as he always is
Even if we’re all in a tizz'
Today’s the day the stage manager has his nit-pick

He’s got a chart for your every move; he knows where your eggs should be
He makes announcements from in the wings where no-body else can see
He’s dressed in black we think he has style
So if you see him give him a smile
Today’s the day the stage manager has his nit-pick

Alan's Sunday Best

A pome

Written by Faith Wilson for the Annual Dinner
February 2007
Venue: Eydon Village Hall

This pome relates the well known propensity (in Eydon anyway) of A Watson
to attend set building sessions etc. in a disgracefully tatty, patched sweater and ancient slippers

He's in his finest wraiment and demeanour,
He's even gone and put on a clean vest.
With his oldest, bestest slippers on his tootsies
There stands Alan, in his Sunday Best.

There's something quite appealing in his manner
His clothing seems to give him quite a zest
In his jumper, which is holier than the vicar,
He is happy, in his Sunday Best.

Alan is quite anxious on a Sunday
To keep out of our Ann's* way....lest
She should notice that his jumper is so fine and try
To sew up his holy Sunday Best.

* Wardrobe mistress

Alan's jumper is a hit with all the ladies
He likes to have the furry bit caressed
It's an essential item of his favourite clothing
The very essence of his Sunday Best.

His trousers are delightful and hardwearing
They've been with him for years, as you have guessed
They started out as gardening trousers really
And worked their way up to Sunday Best.

His cap was handed down from his old father
Who liked to wear it pointing to the west
But now it's part of Alan's prized attire
It's been elevated to the Sunday Best.

On no other day but a Sunday
Will you see Alan looking so well dressed
Even at a party he is casual
There's only one day for the Sunday Best.

So if you want to see a well-dressed fella
You can forget Beau Brummel and the rest
Pop down to Eydon village of a Sunday
And you could see our Alan in his Sunday Best.

I hope you all enjoyed this little poem
Another one I'm sure I haven't planned.
But remember at the panto dress rehearsal
Just be wary if my pen is in my hand!

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